Melissa has a compelling story to tell. Her breast cancer experience coupled with her robust career as a successful New York City publicist in the fashion and beauty industries yields an engaging message.

Diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer six years ago, Melissa received a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy. On the journey to recovery, she discovered the lack of a singular resource for beauty and lifestyle solutions for those dealing with cancer. To fill that void, Cancer Fashionista was born.

Melissa has spoken on various panels and addressed pharmaceutical leaders as well as been featured in numerous publications as a source of inspiration. Through her tireless work and passion to boldly share her story, Melissa was awarded the Courage Award from the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation in 2016, as well as the YWCA’s Beacon of Light award in 2019.

“Melissa’s ability to engage an audience while educating them about breast cancer is truly a gift. Her story is unique and her delivery is informative and high energy. Every woman deserves to attend one of Melissa’s workshops, breast cancer or no breast cancer. She’s an example of overcoming major obstacles and offers many valuable lessons.”

Hayley Dinerman, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

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