Total. Wipe Out.

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Total. Wipe Out.

Now that the back-to-school shopping is done for the kiddies, let’s take a look at what us busy Moms need to get us through the day. I’d like to share my latest obsession. Introducing Savvy Travelers.Founded by two amazing ladies (we all worked together at BCBG Max Azria back in the day….check the photo below, that’s Margie and me just a couple of weeks ago at the Javitz Center. How cute are we?!)

This extraordinary brand of individually wrapped wipes keeps you clean and germ free from head to toe.

My handbag is already packed and ready to go with the entire collection! Love their motto: “No Water? No Problem!” Oh, and they’re carry-on friendly & TSA compliant so they’re perfect for travel too. 

Read this part, it’s important:  Savvy Travelershas JUST launched their subscription service called “Wipeaholics!!!! GET POSITIVELY ADDICTED!” You get 30 full size beauty wipes for $20 a month delivered right to your door (as shown in photo to the right).

And you know what else? Because I’m BFF’s with the founders of this amazing brand, I’m able to offer all of you a special 25% discount. Simply enter WIPEOUT at checkout. But hurry, this code will only work for 30 days. Then poof….it’s gone. 

Do any of these scenarios below sound vaguely familiar to you? If you’re a busy Mom on the go and you say no…..are you sure? Dig down deep ladies. It’s ok, we’re all in this together. We’ve got the problems and Savvy Travelers has a fabulous wipe for everyone one of them. Read. On.


You hit that spin class hard. That Drake song is blasting and you’re seriously in the zone. Sweat is dripping down your back. You’ve redeemed yourself from that slice of pizza you had last night. You swear that you’ll take a shower as soon as you get home…. I mean after you make that phone call….definitely after sending that email….just one more cup of coffee. Suddenly it’s time to go get the kids from school. And you feel….YUCKY. 

Solution: Savvy Travelers Klean Upz moisturizing hand and body wipes save the day with their super sanitizing and antibacterial properties. And they smell lovely. And don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that it’s 3pm and you haven’t taken a shower yet….

Coffee Breath

You guzzled your tall latte with soy milk and you’re making a mad dash to an important meeting. Whoops no gum or mints to be found. What’s a girl to do?

Solution: Savvy Travelers Speak Eazy are ridiculously refreshing mouth cleansing wipes. Removes coffee and red wine residue. Not a bad idea to keep these in your glove compartment too.

Is That Table Clean? Or No?

You’ve tot a solid 45 minutes before pickup. You run into Starbucks, and as you’re about to take your laptop out you see that you’re table is….um….let’s just say it doesn’t look clean.

Solution: If you ask me, Savvy Travelers Klean Offz are sort of the mac-Daddy of all wipes. They knock out 99% of germs, so you can sanitize any surface when you’re out and about. Perfect for travel and wiping down in-room TV remotes, phones, doorknobs…you know where I’m going with this. Pretty much anything that breeds germs. The nice, fresh citrus scent makes me happy.

Wish I had these when I was going through breast cancer treatment, so to all of my beauties in the midst of chemo, take advantage of this wonderful subscription service. And what a great gift to give to that special someone who’s currently undergoing treatment.

In addition to the wipes above, there’s also Take Offz Facial Wipes, No Sweat Antiperspirant wipes and In The Klear lens and screen cleaner wipes. All included in the subscription service. So go ahead and wipe yourself out! Just enter WIPEOUT at checkout to get 25% off of your order.


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