Strutting Your Way to Healthy Bones – The Grand Finale!

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I simply can’t believe that this is is the last episode of #StruttingYourWayToHealthyBones!
Just in case this is your first time checking out this unique series, here’s a little background info:

Strut Talk Runway Therapy founder Lolita Frazier was my partner in crime for this inspiring, educational Instagram Live series. This unique monthly virtual workshop was the perfect blend of bone health AND runway therapy. Bottom line? Lolita and I were on a mission to lift you up on days when you just don’t feel like yourself.

Lolita and I are dedicated to delivering love, community, and support when you feel all alone or uncertain. Rebuild your confidence and self-worth that you’ve lost along the way. Educate you about posture and bone health and the importance of standing stall and strutting through it! “Strutting Your Way to Healthy Bones” is a mind/body/soul journey, where one session builds upon the next.

Just in case you missed any of the episodes, you can catch them right here! Lolita and I literally turned your living rooms into virtual catwalks. She reminds us to stand tall (that’s right, good posture is GREAT for your bone health!)

How you hold yourself affects how you feel, and how others perceive you. Check out her “strut checklist” below to help you strut into each day with confidence and great posture for years to come!

🖤 Chin Up⁠

🖤 Shoulders Back⁠

🖤 Chest Out⁠

🖤 Core Tight⁠

🖤 Your Mind Right⁠

This grand finale will surely not disappoint, thanks to my fearless beauties and models of the Pink Angels Warriors Texas Runway of Hope fashion show. It just so happened that Lolita was visiting with this incredible group, training them to strut the runway but also teaching some of her signature Strut Talk lessons for life.

Thank you Lolita for working with me on this very special series, and for helping me to amplify the importance of bone health in such a fun and unique way! 

Annnnnd congrats on your brand new book, “Strut Thru It” now available at Barnes & Noble.

A VERY special thanks to all of you for tuning in and participating as we educated you about posture, bone health and the importance of standing stall and strutting through it.

Let’s all continue to strut our way to healthier bones…one step at a time! 
Thank you to Amgen  for making this special series possible! It’s been so much fun learning all about bone health, and I’ve had the best time interacting with advocates and patients right here in our amazing community!
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