Cancer Fashionista Goes To The Other Side….Of The Camera And Breast Cancer

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 Cancer Fashionista Goes To The Other Side….Of The Camera And Breast Cancer


When the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation contacted me and asked, “Would you consider being interviewed by Rebecca Taylor at her store to create a video to help raise breast cancer awareness? You and Rebecca will do a little style session together and you can talk about your journey.” In true Fashionista form I was like, um yes please! All kidding aside, this turned out to be a truly unforgettable day for me.

I learned through this unique experience what a special person Rebecca Taylor is. I could see right away that her breast cancer awareness blouse wasn’t just a “to-do” on her marketing calendar. She takes so much pride in encouraging the young women who work for her to take care of themselves, first and foremost. One of the reasons that she chose to partner with the TNBCF  is to encourage women (especially younger ones) to go out there and get their mammograms.

Behold this year’s creation, a plush pink off-the-shoulder top. It’s gorgeous AND 50% (wow!) of the proceeds will benefit TNBCF. Having been a fashion publicisit for….let’s just say a long time….it was strange yet soooo much fun (in the girliest way possible) for me to be on the other side of the camera. I’m usually the one making sure that everyone knows their talking points, double and triple checking the date that the story is going to run. Making sure the logo is correct….check, check, check. But this time I was in front of the camera.

I was surrounded by Rebecca Taylor’s wonderful staff and my incredible friends from TNBCF. There was someone on set to make sure my hair and makeup was just right, a camera crew, the works! It was very surreal and exciting, all of those good things. At the same time I felt a huge responsibilty to deliver a message as a breast cancer survivor. So there I was, not only on the other side of the camera, but also on the other side of breast cancer. I really had to take a step back to take it all in. When I received the final video file, I took a deep breath before I hit “play.” The obvious thoughts ran through my head. I hope I look ok. I hope I sound ok. I hope TNBCF is happy with it. I hope Rebecca Taylor and her staff like it. Once I watched it, those silly thoughts disappeared when I realized how important it is for me to share my message. Whether it’s a video on a designer’s website or a friend of a friend who’s just been diagnosed, I am committed to sharing what I know. Not preaching, not judging, just sharing what I’ve learned from this side where I now so humbly and gratefully sit…..survivorship. Be sure to check out the video on the Rebecca Taylor Facebook page or on YouTube. Hero Content, you swung this out of the park! Thank you to all involved, and thank you for reading this and sharing it.

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