It’s Osteoporosis Awareness Month…Every Month!

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It may have been Osteoporosis Awareness Month last month but as far as I’m concerned, we should be thinking about our bone health every month!

Thank you to Cheryl Hostinak, Executive Director of American Bone Health for joining me on my, “Dear Cancer, I’m Beautiful podcast once again to chat about all things bone health related, and all of the great work the organization has done to keep the breast cancer community informed.


We talked about how to advocate for your bone health, the importance of the DXA scan and so much more!

Below are just a few highlights, but be sure to tune in right here to listen to the full episode. You can also head over to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Google Play:
– It’s never too late to take action for building better bones
– Weakening of the bones is silent, so be sure to get a baseline DXA scan especially if you’re about to start breast cancer treatment
– There is no reason to panic if you do receive a osteoporosis diagnosis as there are many treatment options
– Medical reimbursement for DXA scans has declined significantly, from $139 to $30 which is making it very challenging to get a DXA in some communities; there’s a Bill in the House as well as the Senate, so reach out to your local representatives to take action!
Thank you to Amgen  for making this special, “Beautiful To The Bone” bone health series possible! It’s been so much fun learning all about bone health, and I’ve had the best time interacting with advocates and patients right here in our amazing community!
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