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There aren’t enough hours in the day. Who has time to run around looking for all of the things you need before, during and after treatment?! No worries, girl. I did all the internet research for you. So sit back, relax and check out these fab finds that are great for you, a friend or someone you love.

after surgery

Ana Ono Intimates

Oh wow where do I begin? I met Ana Ono Intimates Founder Dana Donofree a few years ago at a Living Beyond Breast Cancer conference. It was love at first sight. Dana AND her amazing bras. She is truly a pioneer. Thank you Dana for making the most beautiful yet super functional and comfy bras that a girl could ask for! I just can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. This is my fave. The Gloria Bra. Why? It’s sexy. It’s comfortable. And there are no underwires. So there ya go.

Feeling Sexy After Breast Cancer. Let's Discuss.
before surgery

The Park Puff

So The ParkPuff™ is a lifesaver basically. Amazing to have with you in the car right after your surgery. Just fold and close The ParkPuff™ over the shoulder seatbelt strap to cushion either side of your chest, or open it to lay underneath to provide even more comfort after:

  • Lumpectomy
  • Mastectomy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Port placement
  • Chest surgery
  • Heart surgery
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Abdominal surgery (lap belt) 

Made with love in Los Angeles by my BFF Rachel. Love her to bits. 💗


Lip Gloss Heroes by SaltyGirl Beauty

You guys, when you meet sisters Sarah and Leah you will seriously want to hang with them. Sarah is a Triple Negative Breast Cancer thriver and her sis Leah is an oncology nurse. They couldn’t find a clean beauty brand that they loved, so they decided to create their own. Their newest addition is the Lip Gloss Heroes collection. Each fab color is named after an amazing woman. Plus they’re GORGEOUS and are made with ingredients that are totally good for you. Which is important because you’re putting this stuff right on your mouth…know what I mean? So whether you’re newly diagnosed, in treament or not….you need these in your cosmetic bag!

during treatment and beyond.....

Violets Are Blue Facial Serum

To say that your skin gets a little funky during chemo is well….an understatement, right? Cynthia Bestemann is my hero. This unique brand was born out of her own need for clean yet effective products. This serum is liquid gold! It’s perfect for tired, dry, and/or mature skin or any skin that needs a little love.  Cynthia has crafted the perfect blend of organic Evening Primrose oil, organic Argan oil, organic Rosehip oil, organic Jojoba, and a handful of organic essential oils such as Carrot Seed and Lavender in this easily absorbed serum. So basically, not only does it make your skin feel incredible but….it Smells. So. Good!!! Plus if you run your fingers through your hair after applying to your face, it gets rid of those flyaways and split ends. I’ll take two please!


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