It’s Lymphedema Awareness Day….Time To Get Your LympheDIVA On!

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It’s World Lymphedema Day….Time To Get Your LympheDIVA On!

There is one word that I find to be synonymous with lymphedema, and that’s LympheDIVA. Today is World Lymphedema Day, so what better time to shine the spotlight on this amazing brand?

LympheDIVAS began in Philadelphia when two young breast cancer survivors, Rachel Troxell and Robin Miller, developed lymphedema, a side effect of breast cancer treatment that can cause permanent swelling in the arms. Their physicians and lymphedema therapists recommended a compression sleeve as the most effective way of controlling the swelling. When they researched the option for the sleeve, they found that the only ones available were rough textured, heavy, hot, beige and bandage-like. Frustrated and dismayed over the lack of options, Robin and Rachel met with Kristin Dudley, a fashion designer, to discuss their idea of creating a more elegant and comfortable compression sleeve.

In late 2007, Robin left the company. Soon after, Rachel discovered her breast cancer had returned. While she was in treatment, she continued building LympheDIVAS, which brought her much joy during a difficult time in her life. Rachel died on January 22, 2008, at the age of 37. Her determination and compassion to improve the lives of breast cancer survivors are very much ingrained in the spirit of LympheDIVAS. You can read more about Rachel here and more about the brand here.

Today, the company is run by Rachel’s brother, Josh Levin as well as their parents. They all hope that LympheDIVA’S compression apparel will continue to inspire breast cancer survivors everywhere to feel as beautiful, strong and confident as Rachel was. And guess what you guys. These sleeves are GORGEOUS. Read on please….

Some LympheDIVA’S Styling Tips!

Not only are these compression garments beautifully made, but LympheDIVAs provided us with some pretty amazing styling tips:

#1 Think of your fashionable compression garment as the accent of your outfit. Wear a colorful compression garment with an otherwise neutral outfit as a pop of color.
#2 Get a few dual-chromatic fashionable compression garments to easily go from day to night. For example, any of the lace designs, Magnolia, and Bodhi, just to mention a few.
#3 Consider the sleeve shape on your clothing. Bell and dolman sleeve shapes are flattering to larger arms and can be easier to put on.
#4 Check out LympheDIVAs blog and see our Style Files entries for more style ideas.

They’ve Got A New Lymphedema Guide….Read. On.

LympheDIVAs has a new FREE lymphedema guide! This educational piece touches on some really important topics including rish reduction, exercise, cellulitis, etc.

Here are some GORGEOUS sleeves. Check them out!


Lymphedema Products







Tattoo Blossom

Lymphedema products





Thank you LympheDIVAs for all that you do to make us feel comfy AND beautiful!

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