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Let’s face it. There are SO many amazing skin care products out there. But ever since my little dance with breast cancer, I’ve been on the lookout for a natural skin care line that actually works. Enter Sunshine Botanicals, created by Emily Fritchey aka “The Skin Whisperer.” Emily is a clinical aesthetician and natural health practitioner whose cutting-edge approach to dramatic skin transformation without chemicals or drugs has put her on the map as an award-winning formulator and expert on evidence-based botanical skin treatments. What does this all mean? I can have beautiful skin, and still sleep at night knowing that I’m not exposing myself to harmful chemicals. This is plant-based, non-toxic and highly effective. Sign. Me. Up.

Whether you’re going through chemo or not, this brand is a true gem. There are so many great products to choose from, but for now I’ll focus on the one that I simply can’t live without: Rapid Repair Fluid. Think of it as a virtual arsenal of skin repairing ingredients specifically formulated to treat the needs of compromised and environmentally damaged skin conditions including bruises, abrasions, as well as the effects of radiation, chemotherapy treatments and sun damage. Cool, fresh and oil free, it may also be used as a daily hydrating fluid. Which is what I do, I splash a bit of this on right after washing my face and it smells and feels SO fresh. A must-have for all skin types.

Did I mention that it’s great for clearing up adult acne as well as pimples of moody teenagers?  Have a friend or loved one who is undergoing chemo or radiation, and just not quite sure what to do for them? Get them a bottle of Rapid Repair Fluid, they will LOVE you for it.

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