Lashing Out. My First Official Makeover

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Lashing Out. My First Official Makeover

I’ve always loved makeup. My very first “beauty” memory was watching my Mom apply her “Charlie” eyeshadow from a glorious palette of blues and purples. “Charlie,” as in the 1970’s fragrance which is apparently still available today. I may just have to send a bottle to Mom for nostalgia…

Of course when she wasn’t looking, I’d mess around with the eyeshadows myself. I’d apply various colors to my own lids as well as to my Barbie head. Gosh I loved that thing…

In my early teens it was all about Wet & Wild, specifically a purple iridescent eyeliner that I’d apply in the school bathroom and remove before I got home because Mom thought it was a bit too “mature” for me. When I was in college I fell in love with MAC and went through a chapter of my life when I didn’t leave my dorm room without wearing my Chanel red lipstick (I was a fashion design major, and since I couldn’t afford designer clothing I would splurge on the designer cosmetics). As a young professional, I enjoyed a smorgasbord of products. I loved mixing high end department store cosmetics with the latest new Maybelline mascara that I’d grab at Duane Reade during my lunch break.

As a young Mom, I put my makeup routine on the backburner. Blush on the cheekbones and eyelids, a bit of gloss and mascara….and that was on a good day. I’d spice things up for work events or in the evenings, but nothing crazy or super-dramatic. And then came the breast cancer chapter. You’d think when you’re faced with an illness that requires rounds of surgery and chemotherapy that makeup would be the last thing on your list. In my particular case, I probably had a better makeup look during treatment than I ever did! When you lose your lashes and brows, and your skin tone is completely off, makeup becomes your best friend. Seriously. And also a great distraction from all of the cancer stuff.

Well, now I’m almost three years cancer free and was feeling like I was ready to sharpen my makeup application skills and switch things up a bit. We’ve all watched countless makeovers on TV shows and online, now I kind of felt like it was my turn. But here’s the thing. I felt like this new routine had to be realistic. My kids can’t be late to school in the morning because I was trying to follow a YouTube video about contouring. I also wanted something that I could easily transition into a night-time look. I put my fate in the hands of Muah Makeup & Lash Bar located in Westwood, NJ. This fabulous salon focuses soley on makeup, and they even offer instruction as well as makeup instruction parties. Yes–it’s true—friends + wine + lashes. Need I say more?!

Follow them on Instagram for inspiration and ideas. And they have a lash bar! OMG! You can get a full face of makeup, or they can even just do your eyes. And for a pick-me-up that blows Starbucks out of the water, make an appointment for a lash application. I witnessed a client before and after her lashes were put on. Her mood instantly shifted. This is a form of therapy, ladies! You can get a really natural look, or you can go super-dramatic. The choice is yours.

When I contacted Muah, I explained that I would love to learn a new, more updated way to do my makeup for both day and night. I’ll let you guys be the judge, but I was really happy with the results. Plus the staff there is so sweet, patient and talented. I used to book hair and makeup artists in my first life, and let me tell you this is the real deal. Note the images below. There are “before” photos of how I USED to do my makeup for day and night…..then check out my new look for each. I didn’t realize that I was in such a makeup rut. I actually look forward to putting on my makeup in the morning now!



Below is how I used to do my makeup for daytime…


Below is how Muah gave me a fresh, new look!


Below is how I used to do my makeup for night…


Below is my new night time look, thanks to Muah!

For those of you who live locally and have hair loss issues due to chemo or alopecia (or knows of a friend of family member who does), give Muah a call! I wish I had known about Muah when I was going through treatment. They know how to carefully apply feaux lashes to the lid, even when there are no natural lashes. “Every once in a while a client comes in with small lashes or suffers from hair loss. Although false lashes need lashes to hold on to, when done the right way a full strip lash can still be applied the lid,” explained owner Ashlee K. 

All of the makeup they used on me is available for purchase on their website. In fact, from now through 1/31, use promo code CancerFashionista in their online store to receive 20% off storewide. If you mention CancerFashionista when booking “The Package” (a full makeup application), you get a free Synthetic Lash Application (also through 1/31). 

See below some really great tips from Muah Owner Ashlee K.. The game changer for me? Re-learning how to apply blush and the introduction to (simple) contouring. “Contouring with a mineral powder just two shades darker than your natural skin tone will give you a beautiful and wearable contour. Apply just under your cheek bones – swipe from the center of the ear forward towards the apple of your cheek. Apply blush only on the apple of the cheeks since that is where we naturally flush,” explained Ashlee K.

Day Time Makeup

  1. Showcase your eyes by blending a warm brown shadow 1-2 shades darker than your skin across your lid and lower lash line. Top off with loads of mascara.

  2. Use a lightweight bb cream and concealer to even out skin tone and complexion

  3. Apply a lipstick or gloss that is 2 shades darker than the natural pink in your lips.

To achieve the look above, we used Muah Makeup products including: Muah “Chocolate” eyeshadow, Muah BB Cream in “Light”, Luxury Black Mascara, Muah Mineral Photo Touch Concealer in “Light Peach”, and Muah Luxury Lipstick in “Pink Truffle”.

Take it to Night Time Makeup

  1. Rim your upper and lower lash line with a deep colored liner. Don’t always reach for black. Dark purple, green, or blue works too!

  2. Apply false lashes for volume and length. Choose a lash that’s just a little longer and fuller than your natural lashes.

  3. Apply a little more blush to the apple of your cheeks for a pop of color.

  4. Dab on a deeper lip color to jazz up your lips. I love to lean towards berry.

To achieve the look above, we used Muah Makeup products including: Muah Super wear Liner Pencil in “Majesty”, “Box of Lashes” full strip lash, Muah Mineral Matte Blush in “adobe”, & Lipshine Lipstick in “Naked Grape”.

Thank you, Ashlee! I love my new look! I can’t wait to stop by again soon! Muah!



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