Baby, It’s Hot Outside! The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Cool During Chemo This Summer

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Baby, it’s hot outside but no worries. I can help you keep your cool!  I remember going to my chemo treatments in August in New York City and for anyone that doesn’t know, August in NYC is HOT, HOT, HOT!!

I recall feeling super uncomfortable not only because of the rising temperatures, but because of the effect that chemotherapy was having on my body. I was fatigued to begin with, so getting overheated, coupled with the side effects of treatment, just made it worse.  I tried so many ways to help myself beat the heat until I found a few things that I simply could not live without!

I went through treatment seven years ago, so I updated my go-to list with some new fabulous products, tips and tricks that you’re going to LOVE.  All of which will help you keep your cool when undergoing chemotherapy in the summer!  Here we go, the COOLEST must-haves that money can buy:

A Lightweight Dress
Nobody does it better than Urban Outfitters. This sweet tiered ruffle Maxi Dress by UO Paolo is only $79, a great price for such a timeless piece. It’s very chic and feminine, but also lightweight, airy and has adjustable spaghetti straps so you can find the perfect fit no matter where you are in your breast cancer journey.

A Portable Fan
I am loving this Richoose handheld portable fan, available on Amazon for only $12.99.  It gets its power supply from USB devices such as your laptop or a power bank, so you’ll never run out of batteries. It’s especially handy for those of us that are on foot and live in a large city.  Just toss it in your bag and keep your cool no matter where you are. It’s also ideal for socially distant visits with friends when you need to be outside…but don’t want to lose your cool.

A Cooling Spray
Check out this Art Naturals Mineral Water Cooling Spray, $15. It’s purified mineral water infused with skin-soothing aloe and complexion-cooling cucumber extracts to revive and rejuvenate a tired, dull complexion…which we all know can be a direct result of chemo. Keep it in the fridge and give your face a refreshing “spritz” for instant relief after you’ve been outside or if you’re having hot flashes in the middle of the night.


Keep A Cool Head
Style Esteem is synonymous with head wraps that make you feel like the QUEEN that you are! Let me tell you, wearing a wig in the middle of the hot, hot summer is no picnic. Which is why you need an alternative. This peach-dream-wrap ($33) will help you to keep your head cool without sacrificing style. It’s one size fits all, and is made with a soft yet stretchy cotton blend. Every order is sent in a stylish, breathable case for easy storage at home or on-the-go, no matter where life takes you.

Take a Cool Bath
I’m a true bath lover, and on hot days taking a hot bath doesn’t seem so enticing. However, if you run your bath using cool water and add a peppermint bath salt like the one from SaltyGirl Beauty…..voila! You’ve got a cool summer oasis right in your own bathroom. Just enter code CF2020 at checkout to get 10% off! You’re welcome!

The Coolest Cami In Town
After running around for all of your doctor appointments in the heat, there’s nothing better than going home and putting on something that is just like a second skin. And in my opinion, there’s nothing better than a great cami.  This gorgeous wire-free wrap camisole from AnaOno Intimates is one of my all times faves! Made with super-soft, smooth modal material, and BREATHABLE stretch lace, this cami makes you feel pretty (and cool) even the hottest summer days. The V-neck style of the wrap front also looks lovely on any shape, no matter your breast surgery. Use Code CF2020 at checkout to get 20% off!

Hydration is Key
Last, but not certainly least….ladies, please don’t forget to hydrate! There are a million reasons why we need plenty of water, especially during the summer and most certainly during chemo. I found this water bottle by Rifle Paper Co on, and just thought it was SO pretty! Plus it keeps your water super cold for hours. Cheers!

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