A Fun Virtual Workout Option – Let’s Get TORCH’D With Isaac Boots!

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Exercise. Movement. Working Out. Keeping our bodies in motion is what keeps us healthy AND happy. Sometimes you’re really in the mood to do it because you know how great you’ll feel afterwards. Those endorphins.  When we exercise, we release chemicals that boost our sense of well-being as well as suppress hormones that cause stress and anxiety.

Even though we know how great we’ll feel after it’s done, it’s not always convenient and sometimes it’s the last thing we feel like doing. Like when you get that reminder on your phone that it’s time to go to your gym class or hop on your Peloton, and your mind races with the eight million other things that you need to do. The laundry, answer emails, clean out your sock drawer. Sound familiar?

During my breast cancer treatment, I didn’t have a hardcore workout routine. I followed my instinct and did what felt right for me at the time. Day by day. If I was feeling low energy and fatigued, I’d do a 30-minute yoga video. On my better days, I’d take one of my favorite Zumba classes or go for a nice, long walk.

Post cancer treatment, I joined the gym again because I’ve always enjoyed group training. I like the structure, the music, and the social aspect. Bootcamp style classes were my poison at that time, and I loved them. Pre-pandemic I was a big Orange Theory fan. Great music, high energy instructors, and cardio with a good mix of weight bearing exercises kept me in shape and I never got tired of it.

Then Covid hit. For those of us who enjoyed going to the gym we all thought, now what? I was scrolling on Instagram one day and came across Isaac Boots. A celebrity trainer, choreographer, and Broadway dancer with the most contagious energy – who shares the same passion for Madonna that I have. Plus he’s hysterical. He often quotes lines from Mommy Dearest such as, “Why must everything be a contest?!” when his wifi isn’t working during his IG Lives.

Isaac was offering free workouts on Instagram Live every single day. I’m a research girl, so course, I Googled him. While using his experience crafting routines on the main stages of the pop music world and training artists to sculpt their bodies in preparation for their demanding projects, Isaac created TORCH’D, a sustainable workout that burns fat, builds stamina and achieves visible results.

Celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Vanessa Hudgens, Lisa Rinna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Watts are just a few devoted fans of TORCH’D. So I gave it a shot. And guess what? I LOVED IT. On top of it all, Isaac raised over $1M for No Kid Hungry during the pandemic because he believes a child’s next meal should be a right and not a privilege. Love that so much too.

Isaac still offers up an amazing TORCH’D class every single day on Instagram Live at 11am EST/8am PST. I highly recommend it because it’s free, it’s fun and you can totally modify it to suit your own needs and abilities. Just recently, my cousin Danielle and I attended one of Isaac’s TORCH’D classes at the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. We had a blast! It was so surreal to take this challenging yet super fun class IRL, and I’d do it all over again, we can’t wait to go back!

In the meantime, I plan to continue to tune into his amazing virtual workouts. You need very little equipment to do TORCH’D. Just a mat and resistance bands. As you can see here,  you can even use a towel if you don’t have bands!










I loved meeting Isaac in person! We feel like we’ve known each other forevvaaah. My cousin Danielle got to meet him too, how cute is she btw?



And last certainly not least, everyone received these amazing CBD gummies from Mindset Wellness. Until next time, Isaac!

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