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Cool Products and Tips for Falling Asleep

I’ve never been a very sound sleeper. I was always the first one to fall asleep at slumber parties growing up. I was the first one up in my dorm room in college. Once I became a Mom, I was never able to sleep much past 6:30 am. So I decided to do some research and see how I might be able to improve my current sleep situation. My findings below…

The Obvious

My phone! I know, I know. Don’t look it your phone at least one hour before bedtime. I’m going to try. The is the most obvious culprit. I’m sure of it…but it’s my alarm. Sooooo, time to get an alarm clock! I’m in love with this one. BEDDI is your ultimate bedside concierge.

tips for falling asleep

Now you can sleep well every night with soothing white noise while your phone and tablet are charging. Wake up refreshed every morning with a wake-up light that simulates sunrise, set your alarm to your favorite music, and receive weather and traffic reports. BEDDI even communicates with other smart devices in your home to adjust your room temperature, brew your coffee, and much more! Sign me up people, sign me up!

Balm’s Away….

Check out the Sleep Well Therapy Balm from Scentered. A deeply therapeutic balm to relax the body, clear the head and quieten the mind, with a sophisticated oriental floral lavender blend of fourteen different essential oils. A 100% natural, portable therapy balm to support restful, restorative sleep at home or away. Life is so much better when you sleep well!

Sleep aid products

Sleep Well balm was also been commended in the Best Natural Product category at the Pure Beauty Awards. What more can we ask for?

New Direction

I asked my Instagram friends for some help. Someone commented, “A tip from my great grandmother: If you have trouble falling asleep, take your pillow and move it to the foot of your bed and sleep in the opposite direction as you normally would. It takes some work to untuck the blankets and whatnot, but it always works for me.” It’s worth a shot, right?

Lights Out

Whenever I’m shopping for something, I always check Amazon to see which products had the best customer reviews. This eye mask is definitely a fave. Comes with earplugs. Also great for travel.

Need help falling asleep


Nothing like some white noise to chill you out. This sound machine is a favorite on Bed, Bath & Beyond. Check out the Marpac Dohm Elite White Noise Machine. Loved by generations of users, it creates a soothing sleep environment masking noises that disrupt your slumber. With a Michael Graves Design, it appeals to eyes and ears. Sounds pretty good to me…

Cool Products to prevent sleep deprivation


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