Feeling Sexy After Breast Cancer. Let’s Discuss.

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I thought it might be helpful to my sistas out there to write a little blog post about feeling sexy and confident, even years after breast cancer surgery.

I’m 6 years out. I can’t even believe it. Time does really fly. On top of surviving breast cancer, I’ve got a divorce under my belt (2 years), I’m raising two amazing (but VERY busy) teenage daughters and working hard to balance my career and anything else that life throws my way. How are we supposed to feel sexy in the middle of all of this madness? Since fashion is so close to my heart, the first thing I reach for to get my sexy back is beautiful lingerie. You know what I’m going to say next, right? Ana Ono! OMG Dana Donofree thank the Lord for you and your design team. You have saved us all from wearing bras that look like our oncologists designed them lol!

I literally ran into Dana at a Living Beyond Breast Cancer convention a few years back. I was like….where have you been all my life?! The rest is history. Not only did I find the best bras for us post-mastectomy chickies to wear, I found a life long friend. Love you, Dana!

OK, back to the topic here. Staying sexy and confident after breast cancer. As I mentioned, my best piece of advice is to start with a sexy bra. Ana Ono does it best. I especially love the lacy Gloria Bra. Gloria features gorgeous spandex stretch lace, fully lined soft cups, elegant decorative seams and a satin bow that’s just well…so darned cute.

I also love the Molly Bra.   This is one of their newer styles and it’s a fun and flirty plunging t-shirt bra. ⁠I love it because you can rock your fav low-cut top and feel sexy doing it with the deep plunging neckline⁠!⠀⠀

Now, I love my bras. I seriously do. But I wondered….what else can we do to feel super sexy and confident? I decided to ask my lady friends and here’s what they said. Thank you ALL for weighing in!

“This may sound weird but I feel the most confident and self assured after I do something or face something that scares me. I used to stay in the safe zone in my life and now I make a habit of doing things that make me feel uncomfortable. After I’ve done it I always feel so strong and confident! This may not make sense but hopefully some will understand!”

– Cynthia Bestemen, Founder of Violets Are Blue Skincare

Feeling Sexy After Breast Cancer



“Making other women feel sexy really makes me feel sexy! That and a wicked smoky eye… nothing takes home sexy like the look of slightly slept in eye make up…?”

-Jillian Veran Rezo (on IG as @beautifulselforg), Co-Founder of BeautifulSelfOrg
Feeling Sexy After Breast Cancer

After my diagnosis, continuing with pole fitness helped me feel sexy, empowered and taught me to love my body exactly as it is. Putting on a fun pair of 7 inch heels helps, too!”



Feeling Sexy After Breast Cancer



“This is going to be so blunt but…. masturbation. Reconnecting with my own body after so much pain. It reminded me that being sexy starts from within!”




Coming out of my diagnosis I feel like a totally new person who I am getting to know for the first time ever. I love finding NEW clothes (whether it be a sexy dress, a snug blouse, or flirty under things) that make HER happy, that bring out every beautiful and powerful curve of her existence. Sometimes this is achieved merely in the fitting room.

@nymannequin aka Sonya Keshwani, Founder of Style Esteem
“Boudoir session! I did one after my third surgery and it helped me feel so sexy and confident again!”
@kangell82 aka Kim Angell

As an athlete who now has various aches and cancer-related BS, I feel super sexy when I accomplish something fierce and tough… all while wearing a wicked lip stain or gloss!– – @starrazure aka Jenn Starr




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