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Breast Cancer Survivor Fabianna Marie – Fighting the Good Fight

I just love Instagram sometimes. I’ve made some pretty groovy friends, and I’d like to introduce you to one of my most recent gal pals. Check out Fabianna Marie of fabulouslyfighting.

Fabianna Marie was diagnosed at the age of 27 with BRCA1 positive, invasive metastatic Breast Cancer.  Enduring over 150 rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and a deteriorating kidney, Fabianna fights every day and has chosen to share her journey with the world in hopes of inspiring anyone facing adversity.

Fab shares her journey through her blog at fabulouslyfighting, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Fab launched her first book in November of 2016. She has been a guest speaker at national cancer charity and fundraising events as well as part of a national ad campaign for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

PROFILE: A Totally Fabulous Fighter Breast Cancer Survivor Fabianna Marie

She has been inducted into the National Association of Professional Women and is honored to be the recipient of the 2017 Woman of The Year and 2018 International Woman of the Year Award.

Fab is an award-winning photographer, best selling author and writer. Fab has been featured in the viral Huffington Post Video about living with cancer and has a vast variety of talents as she is a former model and entertainer.

living beyond breast cancer

Along with her degree in Liberal Arts and Business Fabianna also has certifications in Raw, Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine, and is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Fabianna resides in the Granite State with her husband of 18 years, David, their daughter Mackenzie, age 14, and Prince the wonder Silky Terrier.

And if that’s not enough….she also has some pretty great advice about life in general. I had the unique opportunity to chat with Fab last week and was pretty damned inspired by her long after we spoke.

The Main Takeaways:

–       The 3 pillars: Mind/Body/Spirit

Fab feeds her Mind and Spirit with meditation; she nourishes her body with clean, beautiful whole foods (take a peek her at her recipes…OMG can you say yum?)

–       The Non-Negotiables

So there are a few things that are just not negotiable in her world:

meditation for breast cancer patients

  1.     Meditation every morning. Fab practices her meditation before she does ANYTHING. Like as soon as her feet hit the floor. And she seriously shuts ALL of her apps off. Definitely doesn’t mess around.
  2. And meditation for cancer patients is soooo good. I wish doctors prescribed it. That’s how much it helped me when I was going through treatment. This is the one she swears by. It’s intended for sleep, but she finds it just chills her out and sets a great tone for the day.
  3.     Family time. Not negotiable. No way no how.
  4.     Her Soqui bed. At least 1 hour each day. I never heard of this before! You can read all about it here and check out some of her cool vids here.

cancer healing meditation

5.    Last but not least, SALT CAVES. I want to try this so badly now. It sounds like salty-licious meditation heaven! Read here to learn more about it from Fab, but also check out local listings for salt caves in your ‘hood. That’s what I’m gonna do. Just wish I could go with Fab…..(hint!!!)

Fab, thanks for hanging with me even though it was just a phone call. I dream of a salt cave date with you in the very near future!

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