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A podcast to inspire, educate and empower cancer thrivers.

"Dear Cancer, I'm Beautiful" is the first podcast of its kind to bridge the gap between life-saving cancer treatment and fashion, beauty and wellness advice.

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The debut episode of the “Dear Cancer, I’m Beautiful,” podcast featuring AnaOno Intimates founder and breast cancer thriver, Dana Donofree. In this episode, Dana talks about her inspiring breast cancer story, how breast cancer led to AnaOno intimates, the importance of a post-mastectomy bra and the WHY behind her very sexy lingerie collection. 


BEAUtiful to the bone: a crash course in bone health & cancer

With dr. keith crawford

What is bone density and why is it so important? Find out in this episode with Dr. Keith Crawford, Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education for the Prostate Health Education Network.  Other topics covered in this episode include: the meaning behind your T-score and the importance of discussing bone health with your oncologist. 


WHEN life gives you lemons, strut through it

With lolita frazier, founder of strut talk

Lolita is the founder of Strut Talk  Runway Therapy, runway expert and confidence coach with over 20 years’ experience helping models, producers and fashion gurus “strut their stuff.” Lolita shares the basic principles of confidence coaching, the definition of strut therapy and so much more. 


Breast Cancer, It's a family affair

With Barbara Berry

My mom, Barbara Berry, is also a breast cancer thriver and is actually the person that insisted I get tested for the BRCA gene when I was 32.  In this episode, we talk about our mother/daughter relationship, the importance of knowing your family history, and how to support your daughter or loved one through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. 


HOW to stay beautiful to the bone during cancer treatment

With cheryl hostinak, executive director of american bone health

This informative conversation with Cheryl Hostinak, Executive Director of American Bone Health, provides ways to navigate optimum bone health during cancer treatment and beyond into thrivership.  Lifestyle choices that impact bone health are discussed and more.  



With Jen rozenbaum,
boudoir photographer

Breast cancer thriver, photographer, and author, Jen Rozenbaum, shares her breast cancer story and how it inspired her journey to becoming a boudoir photographer, maintaining body positivity during and after cancer diagnosis and tips for preparing for your very own boudoir photo shoot. 


The sassy sisters behind saltygirl beauty

With founders sarah kelly and leah robert

Oncology nurse (Leah) and Triple Negative breast cancer thriver (Sarah) share the story behind SaltyGirl Beauty, including the discovery of Sarah’s Triple Negative breast cancer during her pregnancy,  the creation of SaltyGirl Beauty and how they are empowering and inspiring the breast cancer community.


A thriver on a mission to eradicate black breast cancer

With ricki fairley, founder and ceo of TOUCH, The black breast cancer alliance

Triple Negative breast cancer thriver and founder of TOUCH, the Black Breast Cancer Alliance, Ricki Fairley, shares her story with me. We also discuss the prevalence of  Triple Negative breast cancer among Black women and how she plans to eradicate Black breast cancer with her patient advocacy efforts.


the 411 on osteoporosis and breast cancer

With claire gill, ceo of the national osteoporosis foundation

 Claire Gill, CEO of the National Osteoporosis Foundation, talks with me about bone health as it relates to cancer.  Claire shares her knowledge, expertise as well as her own family history, to ensure we all understand the basics of osteoporosis and how we can achieve optimum bone health. 


Taking beautiful risks

With patricia fox

Patricia discovered her breast cancer at the young age of 26, which changed her life completely.  Listen to this episode as she bravely shares her story about how she navigated her diagnosis, her passion for cancer and mental health advocacy, how she became a Sephora ambassador and her favorite beauty tips for women of color. 


when a miss america Contestant becomes a previvor

With allyn rose, founder of the previvor

As a 24-year old Miss America contestant, Allyn Rose made headlines across the globe with the controversial decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy after losing her Mother, Grandmother and Great Aunt to breast cancer.  Listen to her story. 


The Mindset toolbox for cancer thrivers

With meg hirshberg, founder of the anticancer lifestyle

Former Inc. Magazine journalist, Meg Hirshberg, talks about her  journey from becoming a business writer to the founder of Anticancer Lifestyle, changing your lifestyle and mindset and the tools to set yourself up for success against cancer and cancer recurrence.  


cancer & fertility: you have options!

With chick mission founders, Tracy weiss & amanda rice

Tracy and Amanda discuss the story behind their mission to ensure every young woman newly diagnosed with cancer has the option to preserve fertility  through direct financial support, educational programs and advocacy for legislative change. 

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Thank you to Amgen for making the Cancer Fashionista Foundation, Inc. bone health series portion of this podcast possible. 

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