Dear Cancer,


A podcast to inspire, educate and empower cancer thrivers.

"Dear Cancer, I'm Beautiful" is the first podcast of its kind to bridge the gap between life-saving cancer treatment and fashion, beauty and wellness advice.

Season 2 Episodes


let's meet the president of the pink agenda

with nicole seagriff, president of the pink agenda

A Yale graduate, family nurse practitioner, breast cancer thriver AND the President of The Pink Agenda, Nicole’s passion for philanthropy is contagious, so listen here to learn more! The Pink Agenda is a nonprofit organization committed to raising money for breast cancer research and care, as we all as awareness of the disease among young professionals.


everything i learned about bone health in 2021

With melissa berry

Need a crash course in bone health? Look no further!  I share the most important facts about bone health that I learned last year when interviewing top experts and patient advocates for my special series, “Beautiful to the Bone.”  


let's talk breast reconstruction, young breast cancer and fertility conservation

With alissa jo caputo, breast cancer thriver

Not only is model Alissa Jo Caputo on the outside, but she’s also a true beauty on the inside. She shares her entire journey with us in the hopes of informing and inspiring the newly diagnosed, beginning with her breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 31, her decision to conserve her fertility, how she navigated her reconstruction choices, and everything in between. This episode is part of a special series called, “Breast Reconstruction: Real Life Conversations,” and is brought to you by Allergan Aesthetics.


THe San Antonio breast cancer symposium "highlight reel"

with hayley dinerman, executive director of tnbc and ricki fairley, Founder of TOUCH, The National Breast Cancer Alliance

In this episode, I spoke with Hayley Dinerman and Ricki Fairley  to recap some of the most important takeaways from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Learn how breast cancer advocacy groups, pharmaceutical companies and doctors are partnering to find a cure for Triple Negative Breast Cancer while keeping the patient community informed.



Fashion Icon Honors Loss of Her Sister By Joining The Fight Against Triple Negative Breast Cancer

WITH LORI GOLDSTEIN, american fashion stylist and designer of logo by lori goldstein for qvc

I had a very candid and inspirational conversation with fashion icon, Lori Goldstein, about the recent loss of her sister, Marla, to Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  Lori and her family are deeply committed to partnering with the TNBC Foundation to raise awareness about this aggressive form of breast cancer, as well as encouraging conversations in the home about family history.


A Bone Health Reunion & Drug Prevention Convo!

With Claire gill, CEO of the Bone Health & Osteoporosis Foundation

I had a reunion with Claire Gill, CEO of the Bone Health & Osteoporosis Foundation. This is a dynamic yet very informative follow up to the last conversation that we had about the impact that cancer can have on bone health….and what you can do to prevent bone loss and fracture with a focus on drug prevention. Don’t miss this one!


The Revision Decision

With Dana Donofree, founder of anaono

Have you been thinking about getting revision surgery on your breasts? Well, then stop right here! Dana and I take a deep dive into her decision to have revision surgery. This episode is brought to you by Allergan Aesthetics and is part of a special series called, “Breast Reconstruction: Real Life Conversations.” It simply doesn’t get more real than this! Tune in to learn about the reasons to get a revision in the first place, all of the different factors to consider and so much more!


A Transformational TNBC Story

with kelly thomas, breast cancer advocate and founder of tnbc thrivers

Want to hear an inspiring story about a rock star triple negative breast cancer thriver? Meet Kelly Thomas. She’s a content creator, founder of @tnbc_thrivers, as well as the virtual host for the @tnbcfoundation’s monthly zoom chats for women living and thriving with triple negative breast cancer.  When she’s not supporting the TNBC Community, she’s encouraging cancer survivors to move their body with #exercise4survival. 


The Importance of Connecting With Others In the Breast Cancer Community During And After Treatment

With sally wolf, Corporate Wellbeing Advisor, Speaker and Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver

In this episode, I spoke with close friend, mind/body expert and metastatic breast cancer thriver, Sally Wolf, for a very real conversation about friendship and connection. Why is it important for patients to connect with the breast cancer community? How does one connect in the first place? Where do you start? Tune in to hear all about it!


Let's Talk Nipple Tattoos And Scar Camouflaging

with marnie rustemeyer, restorative and cosmetic tattoo artist

Areola and nipple restoration is truly an art form. I had the unique opportunity to sit down and chat with, Marnie Rustemeyer,  former Wall Street professional, thyroid cancer survivor and breast cancer previvor. After being diagnosed with the BRCA gene mutation, she had a preventative double mastectomy to decrease her risk of getting breast cancer. Through her own experience, she became passionate about helping patients feel beautiful and confident again. Everything you need to know about the nipple tattoo process, to micro-needling mastectomy scars you will not want to miss this episode!


Thrivership And Bone Health

With Cora Fahy, Breast Cancer Thriver and Bone Health Advocate

To know Cora is to love her! I met Cora during a Salty Girl Beauty retreat in Maine, and we’ve been friends ever since! We recently reconnected when I learned that Cora is not only a breast cancer advocate, but is also now advocating for bone health. If you want to hear a story about some serious resilience, then tune in to learn about Cora’s breast cancer experience, what led her to her career path, and why she has taken such a strong interest in advocating for bone health.


A Breast Cancer Story From a Latina Perspective

with Patricia Roca, Breast Cancer Thriver and Founder of The Coral Group

Patricia shares her breast cancer story, passion for raising awareness about ethnic disparity among the Latina population, and the amazing intersection of her career and her breast cancer journey. Tune in for this dynamic and information conversation that you won’t want to miss!

Season 1 Episodes




The debut episode of the “Dear Cancer, I’m Beautiful,” podcast featuring AnaOno Intimates founder and breast cancer thriver, Dana Donofree. In this episode, Dana talks about her inspiring breast cancer story, how breast cancer led to AnaOno intimates, the importance of a post-mastectomy bra and the WHY behind her very sexy lingerie collection. 


BEAUtiful to the bone: a crash course in bone health & cancer

With dr. keith crawford

What is bone density and why is it so important? Find out in this episode with Dr. Keith Crawford, Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education for the Prostate Health Education Network.  Other topics covered in this episode include: the meaning behind your T-score and the importance of discussing bone health with your oncologist. 


WHEN life gives you lemons, strut through it

With lolita frazier, founder of strut talk

Lolita is the founder of Strut Talk  Runway Therapy, runway expert and confidence coach with over 20 years’ experience helping models, producers and fashion gurus “strut their stuff.” Lolita shares the basic principles of confidence coaching, the definition of strut therapy and so much more. 


Breast Cancer, It's a family affair

With Barbara Berry

My mom, Barbara Berry, is also a breast cancer thriver and is actually the person that insisted I get tested for the BRCA gene when I was 32.  In this episode, we talk about our mother/daughter relationship, the importance of knowing your family history, and how to support your daughter or loved one through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. 


HOW to stay beautiful to the bone during cancer treatment

With cheryl hostinak, executive director of american bone health

This informative conversation with Cheryl Hostinak, Executive Director of American Bone Health, provides ways to navigate optimum bone health during cancer treatment and beyond into thrivership.  Lifestyle choices that impact bone health are discussed and more.  



With Jen rozenbaum,
boudoir photographer

Breast cancer thriver, photographer, and author, Jen Rozenbaum, shares her breast cancer story and how it inspired her journey to becoming a boudoir photographer, maintaining body positivity during and after cancer diagnosis and tips for preparing for your very own boudoir photo shoot. 


The sassy sisters behind saltygirl beauty

With founders sarah kelly and leah robert

Oncology nurse (Leah) and Triple Negative breast cancer thriver (Sarah) share the story behind SaltyGirl Beauty, including the discovery of Sarah’s Triple Negative breast cancer during her pregnancy,  the creation of SaltyGirl Beauty and how they are empowering and inspiring the breast cancer community.


A thriver on a mission to eradicate black breast cancer

With ricki fairley, founder and ceo of TOUCH, The black breast cancer alliance

Triple Negative breast cancer thriver and founder of TOUCH, the Black Breast Cancer Alliance, Ricki Fairley, shares her story with me. We also discuss the prevalence of  Triple Negative breast cancer among Black women and how she plans to eradicate Black breast cancer with her patient advocacy efforts.


the 411 on osteoporosis and breast cancer

With claire gill, ceo of the national osteoporosis foundation

 Claire Gill, CEO of the National Osteoporosis Foundation, talks with me about bone health as it relates to cancer.  Claire shares her knowledge, expertise as well as her own family history, to ensure we all understand the basics of osteoporosis and how we can achieve optimum bone health. 


Taking beautiful risks

With patricia fox

Patricia discovered her breast cancer at the young age of 26, which changed her life completely.  Listen to this episode as she bravely shares her story about how she navigated her diagnosis, her passion for cancer and mental health advocacy, how she became a Sephora ambassador and her favorite beauty tips for women of color. 


when a miss america Contestant becomes a previvor

With allyn rose, founder of the previvor

As a 24-year old Miss America contestant, Allyn Rose made headlines across the globe with the controversial decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy after losing her Mother, Grandmother and Great Aunt to breast cancer.  Listen to her story. 


The Mindset toolbox for cancer thrivers

With meg hirshberg, founder of the anticancer lifestyle

Former Inc. Magazine journalist, Meg Hirshberg, talks about her  journey from becoming a business writer to the founder of Anticancer Lifestyle, changing your lifestyle and mindset and the tools to set yourself up for success against cancer and cancer recurrence.  


cancer & fertility: you have options!

With chick mission founders, Tracy weiss & amanda rice

Tracy and Amanda discuss the story behind their mission to ensure every young woman newly diagnosed with cancer has the option to preserve fertility  through direct financial support, educational programs and advocacy for legislative change. 


You Lost Your Hair to Chemo, Now What?


Trichologist, Lisa Caddy of Philip Kingsley, discusses her path to becoming a hair and scalp expert, how to navigate hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, what to expect when your hair begins to grow back in, and how to care for your scalp and hair throughout the entire process and more! 


Everything you need to know about breast cancer and nutrition

with Rachel Beller, MS, RDN Weight Loss & Breast Health Nutrition Expert

I join  Rachel Beller, MS, RDN, breast health expert, 3x best-selling author and celebrity weight management specialist for an informative yet compelling conversation about breast health and nutrition. 




Dr. Monique Gary to discusses the power of touch, and the positive impact that it has on breast cancer patients. This lighthearted yet informative conversation includes Dr. Gary’s incredible career path to becoming a breast cancer surgeon, why she’s so passionate about the power of touch, how to achieve resilience and balance in the midst of treatment,the importance of the mind and body connection, coping skills for “scan-xiety” and much more!



Navigating osteoporosis after breast cancer treatment: a young survivor's story

With christy greenleaf

Patient advocate Christy Greenleaf was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 43 as a result of chemotherapy to treat her breast cancer. This powerful conversation is a must listen for anyone about to begin cancer treatment. What Christy wishes she knew about protecting her bones then, and the questions that you should be asking your oncologist about your bone health before treatment even begins. 


Taking a diep flap deep dive

with dr. neumeister of siu plastic surgery

Join me for a very informative conversation about diep flap surgery with Dr. Neumeister, Chairman of the Department of Surgery at SIU Medicine and Chief for the Institute for Plastic Surgery. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about diep flap surgery, including the history behind it, what makes it a good option, who the best candidates are, the recovery time, and much more!


dancing into preventative bone health treatment

with maggie kudirka

In this episode, I speak with patient advocate and ballerina, Maggie Kudirka, for an eye-opening discussion about preventative bone health treatment options as it relates to metastatic breast cancer. Learn all about Maggie’s career as a dancer, her breast cancer story, and why she is so passionate about preventative bone health treatment.


Let's talk about sex...and cancer

with dr. lyndsey harper ceo of rosy

I have an informative conversation with Dr. Lyndsey Harper, Founder and CEO of Rosy, a women’s health technology company that connects women who have sexual health concerns with hope, community, and research-backed solutions. We talk  about cancer and sexuality answering all of the questions you may be afraid to ask! From surgical menopause and painful sex to advice about talking to your partner about sexual issues during and after cancer treatment, this is one episode you won’t want to miss.


how to be a bone health prevention rockstar

with karen sock

I have a very informative yet real conversation with breast cancer and bone health prevention advocate, Karen Sock. Karen shares her breast cancer story and how it led to her being super-proactive about her bone health with a focus on preventative measures. Karen is a shining example of taking bone health into your own hands, knocking down financial barriers to treatment, and living your best life despite the challenges that breast cancer brings!



living beyond breast cancer - celebrating 30 years of trusted support for the breast cancer community

with jean sachs, ceo of living beyond breast cancer

I had the unique opportunity to interview Jean Sachs, the CEO of Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Learn about Jean’s career path, the organization’s mission, the profoundly positive effect that community has upon breast cancer patient and thrivers, what distinguishes Living Beyond Breast Cancer from other non-profit organizations in the breast cancer space, and the powerful impact that they’ve made over the past 30 years.


what is triple negative breast cancer, anyway?

with hayley dinerman, executive director of TNBC Foundation

In this episode, I chat with my dear friend and colleague, Hayley Dinerman, Executive Director of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. They talk about Hayley’s unique career path, the mission of the Foundation, what makes Triple Negative Breast Cancer different from other types of breast cancers, the biggest challenges that this disease faces, and the importance of community which is at the heart of this incredible organization.


when a fashionista gets breast cancer

with host melissa berry

You don’t want to miss this episode! I fly solo and very candidly share my breast cancer story with you, including her first-hand knowledge about the importance of knowing your family history and genetic testing. I walk you through my journey and what led to the creation of Cancer Fashionista, and how I went from playing with Barbies as a little girl to becoming a full-time breast cancer advocate…with some really fun anecdotes in between!


i never had a dexa scan: bone health mini series part i

with dr. alexea, breast cancer thriver and physician

Never had a DEXA scan? That’s ok! It’s never too late to learn about the importance of bone health, especially if you’re a breast cancer survivor, or are currently in treatment. Join me in Part 1 of this special mini-series as I interview breast cancer thriver and physician Dr. Alexea. Thank you Dr. Alexea for stepping forward and welcoming us to join you on her very own bone health journey! Learn why Dr. Alexea hasn’t had her DEXA scan yet, her emotions surrounding the test and more!


Thank you airs for helping us with our breast reconstruction

with morgan hare, founding member of airs

Breast construction brings  with it many challenges, so thank goodness for the AiRs Foundation! The Foundation works in partnership with health care providers, offering the resources necessary to make this surgery an option for women who would not otherwise have access to it. During this informative interview with Founding Member, Morgan Hare, learn about the organization’s mission, how to apply for a grant, and the importance of being your own advocate.


HELP! I'm not happy with my breast reconstruction

with dr. sommer and susan danenberger

In this episode, I have a very candid and informative conversation with Dr. Sommer, Professor of SIU Medicine Institute of Plastic Surgery and breast cancer advocate (and superstar winemaker) Susan Danenberger. Susan was very unhappy with her initial breast reconstruction, and openly shares her struggle as well as the path that led her to Dr. Sommer and her successful revision.



with dr. alexea, breast cancer thriver and physician

Never had a DEXA scan? That’s ok! It’s never too late to learn about the importance of bone health, especially if you’re a breast cancer survivor, or are currently in treatment. Join me in Part 2 of this special mini-series as I interview breast cancer thriver and physician Dr. Alexea. Thank you Dr. Alexea for stepping forward and welcoming us to join you on her very own bone health journey! Learn why Dr. Alexea hasn’t had her DEXA scan yet, her emotions surrounding the test and more!


breast construction: real life conversations

with dr. ron israeli and dr. jonathan bank

I speak with  top plastic surgeons and breast reconstruction experts Dr. Ron Israeli and Dr. Jonathan Bank. In an effort to shift the narrative surrounding breast reconstruction, the doctors collaborated to create a new project called Restored. The project includes images, lifecasts, and words from each woman. 100% of the proceeds of the Restored book will be donated to the AiRS Foundation. A special thank you to our sponsor Allergan Aesthetics for making this special episode possible.


chest confessions: the story of a breast cancer misdiagnosis

with christina wilson, author of chest confessions

I sit down with breast cancer thriver and Chest Confessions author Christina Wilson who very candidly shares her story about being misdiagnosed and treated, as well as all of the sexual health, body image and relationship issues that came along with it. If you’re looking for some solid guidance about being your own advocate with a side of sex ed for cancer thrivers, then this episode’s for you!

when hip hop meets breast cancer advocacy

with trish and tiffany, founders of hip hop happy hour

Join me and my good friends, Trish and Tiffany, founders of Hip Hop Happy Hour. Since the start of the pandemic, they’ve hosted this coveted virtual gathering every Friday night on Instagram Live. The weekly show supports and celebrates those in the cancer community and beyond, through their shared love of community, advocacy and hip hop. They discuss the debut of #ReclaimOctober, their plans for the upcoming year and so much more.


Introducing sips with survivors!

with vicki campana and randalynn vasel , founders of sips with survivors

I had so much fun on the Sips With Survivors podcast that I invited founders Vicki Campana and Randalynn Vasel to join me on Dear, Cancer I’m Beautiful! These ovarian cancer survivors and breast cancer previvors share their stories and AND offer up tons of great advice about starting your own podcast.


an interview with my gynecologist about bone health

with dr. tracy scheller

In this episode, I sit down with me own gynecologist, Dr. Tracy Scheller, for a bone health deep dive as it relates to breast cancer and menopause. Dr. Scheller is the Medical Director of the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine at Englewood Health, and is board certified in obstetrics, gynecology and integrative medicine. So she knows her stuff! Not sure when to get a DEXA scan? How to prevent bone loss? What kind of impact menopause has on your bone health? Then this episode’s for you!

breast cancer support on wheels

with paula flory, founder of move over breast cancer

Imagine a Barbie camper for breast cancer patients….introducing Move Over Breast Cancer! This incredible non-profit organization was founded by breast cancer thriver Paula Flory and is an incredible mobile lounge and salon bringing safe, compassionate and stylish support services straight to the patient’s doorstep. Hear all about her inspiring story and how it led to the creation of this truly unique service!


a dose of body positivity for the new year

with emme, body image advocate

Can I get a woot woot for Emme?Not only is Emme a dear friend of mine, but she’s the world’s first curvy supermodel and has dedicated her life to body image. In this truly special episode, she shares her own cancer story and challenges, how to love your body no matter what you’re going through, and some really great ways to navigate the tough emotions that come along with losing your breasts.

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Thank you to Amgen for making the Cancer Fashionista Foundation, Inc. bone health series portion of this podcast possible. 

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