Strutting Your Way to Healthy Bones – Catwalk 101!

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Welcome to the recap of  episode #2 of, “Strutting Your Way To Healthy Bones! No worries if you missed the first episode, I can bring you up to speed faster than you can say bone health. Lolita Frazier, Founder of Strut Talk is my partner in crime for this unique, fun and educational Instagram Live series.It’s the perfect blend of bone health AND runway therapy, and takes place once per month. Lolita and I want to lift you up on days when you just don’t feel like yourself.

We provide love, community, and support when you feel all alone or uncertain. Rebuild your confidence and self-worth that you’ve lost along the way. Educate you about posture and bone health and the importance of standing stall and strutting through it! “Strutting Your Way to Healthy Bones” is a mind/body/soul journey, where one session builds upon the next.

Our very first session took place on Instagram Live on Friday, October 15th at 4pm EST. In case you missed it, you can catch it right here! Lolita and I literally turn your living rooms into virtual catwalks.









The second episode took place on Friday, November 12th and you can watch it right here!

Key highlights from episode #2 include:

🖤  The importance of PREVENTATIVE bone health options, especially for those of us who are post-menopausal

🖤 A catwalk history lesson (my fashionistas out there will love this part)

A Chanel show in 1979. Photo: PIERRE GUILLAUD/AFP/Getty Images

🖤 Lolita discussed the importance of posture and what your strut says about you

Don’t be shy about sharing photos and videos of yourself strutting your stuff! Simple tag me @cancerfashionista and the amazing @strut_talk on Instagram stories and we will share away!

Now, let’s strut our way to healthier bones, one step at a time!

Thank you to our sponsor @amgenbiotech for making this special series possible.

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