Feeling Sexy After Breast Cancer. Let’s Discuss.

I thought it might be helpful to my sistas out there to write a little blog post about feeling sexy and confident, even years after breast cancer surgery. I’m 6 years out. I can’t [...]


A Hot Date In The Hamptons….With Stella McCartney

Leave it to Annie Hausmann, Board Trustee of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, to pull together an event like no other. She worked closely with the Stella McCartney team to create one [...]


Put A Ring On It.

  Ahhhhh what I love most about what I do are the amazing people that I meet. Introducing Sergio Andres Mendoza, founder of Pharaoun (am-aaaazing cocktail rings). He is one of the loveliest [...]


Phototherapy For Breast Cancer Thrivers. It’s A Thing.


PROFILE: Lights…Camera…Carey Kirkella!

Who is Carey Kirkella and how did I meet her? Dana Donofree, Founder of Ana Ono Intimates was like, “Girl, you need to check out this amazing photographer who first photographed me for her [...]


PROFILE: Caylei Vogelzang, Editor-In-Chief Of Cancer Wellness Magazine

I get to meet some pretty cool chicks doing what I do Most recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Caylei Vogelzang, Editor-In-Chief of Cancer Wellness Magazine. Think of her as your cancer [...]


It’s Lymphedema Awareness Day….Time To Get Your LympheDIVA On!

It’s World Lymphedema Day….Time To Get Your LympheDIVA On! There is one word that I find to be synonymous with lymphedema, and that’s LympheDIVA. Today is World Lymphedema Day, [...]


Chest Confessions. A Book You Just Need To Have, By Christina Wilson

CHEST CONFESSIONS. A BOOK YOU JUST NEED TO HAVE, BY CHRISTINA WILSON Being diagnosed with breast cancer is not a good thing. But the incredible women whom I’ve met along the way? Wouldn’t trade [...]


Clean Beauty Girls Night In! A Recap….

Clean Beauty Girls Night In! A Recap….    Each month, I host a very special group of breast cancer thrivers at WeWork called #WeThrive. Last week I had the best time at the #WeThrive [...]


What Should I Get Her?

Great Gift Ideas for Breast Cancer Patients  I can’t tell you how often I receive this question. Your friend, sister, Mom or co-worker has been diagnosed with breast cancer. And you’re just not [...]

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