Patient Advocate Alissa Jo Chats Breast Reconstruction, Young Breast Cancer and Fertility Conservation!

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I loved, loved, LOVED this podcast episode of, “Dear Cancer, I’m Beautiful!”  This episode is part of a special series called, “Breast Reconstruction: Real Life Conversations,” and is brought to you by Allergan Aesthetics.

Introducing my fellow breast cancer thriver and gorgeous model, Alisso Jo Caputo aka  @ajo18 on Instagram. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she’s also a true beauty on the inside.

Alissa and I met on the set of a @natrellebreastreconstruction photo shoot a couple of years ago and the rest is history!  I had such a blast catching up with this beauty on my podcast.

My sweet and courageous friend shares her entire journey with us in the hopes of informing and inspiring the newly diagnosed, beginning with her breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 31, her decision to conserve her fertility, how she navigated her reconstruction choices, and everything in between. Her perspective is very unique and empowering, as she explains how she navigated a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment while continuing her successful modeling career! I mean, her wig was so good that nobody except her hair stylist even knew that she had lost her hair. OK, I’ll stop now and let you listen to this one on your own. 😉

I hope you all enjoy listening to this real, informative and fun conversation. Just hit this link to check it out or download it from @spotify @googleplay @stitcherpodcasts or @applepodcasts

Thank you Alissa for being such a wonderful guest by sharing your story and helping so many of us!

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