Breast Cancer Thrivers Who Are Rocking It on TikTok!

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TikTok. At first it was this app that I wanted nothing to do with, but my daughters were absolutely sooooooo into it. I mean like really into it. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly didn’t help, since we had more time than we knew what to do with. So I thought I’d check it out. Then I started scrolling. Loved the music. Was very entertained by the dances that were trending. And suddenly I joined the party. My little TikTok dances have become a creative outlet for me. As well as for other amazing women in our community! I even invite my daughters to join me once in a while which is SO much fun for us, here at home.

What I’ve recently discovered is that there are SO many amazing breast cancer thrivers who are ROCKING IT ON TIKTOK! So of course I had to share. So here we go, our very own Queens of TikTok. Keep on rocking it ladies!

Kelly Thomas @talkischeapx0

I love Kelly’s unique way of educating…..but always delivers with lots of humor!

Kim Angell @kim_angell
Kim is just the coolest. Love her style and she’s always the most fab hairstyles.
Mary Ordaz @m_ordaz
Mary does the cutest vids with her son and husband. And I love her makeup, so pretty!
Anna Crollman @mycancerchic
She busts the moves with her adorable baby in tow. Not sure how she does it, but you go girrrrrrl!
Kate Williams @katemazwilliams
Kelly aka @talkischeapxo told me about Kate. I’m hooked. She is hysterical!!! Kate, don’t stop TikTok-ing!
Let’s hear it for these fearless ladies, and if you haven’t given TikTok a try yet, I suggest you go for it and just have fun!
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