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beauty tips for cancer patients

One Tough Muther Podcast

Cancer Fashionista is interviewed with Caitlin Brodnick by the One Tough Muther Team. We laugh, we cry, we talk about our dangerous boobies.

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The Face of Courage: Melissa Stolper

“When I learned three years ago that I had triple negative breast cancer, the news was devastating. But Dr. Miguel Sanchez and his team at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center could…

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diet tips for cancer patients

Reboot Me Please!

I’m sure we can all agree it’s been a whirlwind these past few months. With the holidays behind us and let’s just say a tumultuous January (I’d like to stay away from politics here), it’s easy to stray from clean eating and steady workout routines.

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coping with cancer

A Present Moment…and I’m Not Talking About Gifts!

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are way behind us already, and we’re now on the heels of Christmas and New Year’s. Great times with friends, family, surprising the kids with their gifts and overindulging myself with potato latke is already a distant memory.

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breast cancer beauty tips

Total. Wipe Out.

Now that the back-to-school shopping is done for the kiddies, let’s take a look at what us busy Moms need to get us through the day. I’d like to share my latest obsession.

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breast cancer survival kit

Let’s Face it

Let’s face it. There are SO many amazing skin care products out there. But ever since my little dance with breast cancer, I’ve been on the lookout for a natural skin care line that actually works.

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breast cancer fashion advice

These Bras Totally Rock!

After breast cancer surgery and chemo, the last thing you want to do is think about what kind of bra you should be wearing. Your shape and size is now different, you’re discouraged from wearing underwire, and you may even be wondering if you even need to wear at bra at…

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breast cancer diet tips

Eat, Spray, Love…and Get 15% Off!

Every Sunday I have grand visions of myself serving healthy, delicious home cooked meals all week long. The reality is that most of the time work, basketball games, and my dual role as in-house Uber driver and homework sargent take my attention away from the kitchen.

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beauty tips for cancer patients

Kiss Me, It’s October!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink everywhere. For survivors (or thrivers as I like to call us), it’s a constant reminder of our journey and a time to stand tall with pride that we’ve made it! For everyone else, it’s a reminder to get that mammogram.

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