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Zoom meetings, anyone? Whether we’re brainstorming with the marketing team, catching up with college friends or participating in a panel discussion, we all want to look our best for these virtual hang outs and business meetings.

At the same time, we’re all super busy juggling the kids, meal prep, keeping the house clean, etc. So a really complex makeup routine may happen once in a while, but this is certainly not a realistic daily expectation.

So I asked some of my favorite beauty experts to share their thoughts about how to look your best for a Zoom meeting or hangout. Check out their tips and tricks below. And you know what….I’ll bet we can apply these same tips when running to the doctor or if you’re having a bleh chemo day, and just want to give yourself a little pick-me-up.


Sarah Kelly, Co-Founder Salty Girl Beauty

Our multi-stick is a Zoom must-have! Keep it by your desk, and simply apply to your eyes, cheeks and lips for a clean and camera-ready look!”

Thank you Sarah! Just enter CF2020 at checkout for 20% off!









Ramy, Founder of Ramy Cosmetics

“Looking good for Zoom meetings is all about looking polished and having your features pop a little bit on camera. Since we’re at home and usually dressing down and being more casual, it’s okay for your makeup to be more casual too. I suggest perfecting your complexion a bit with a good concealer. Who among us couldn’t use it around our eyes right now? Look for one like my Skin Stick High Definition Concealer that’s highly pigmented and blendable so the end result is a naturally stunning complexion.

Then look for multi-purpose products that make playing up your features fast and easy, like these Ramy products:

The Perfect Eye Wand takes easy eye make-up to the next level by combining an eye liner and shadow in one easy-to-use wand.

Convertible Color for Lips & Cheeks  is an ingenious two-in-one lip and cheek color is loaded with creamy, translucent color—for simply irresistible lips and cheeks—on the double. This makeup must-have features a fresh burst of radiant color that blends beautifully to create a gorgeous glow. Just tap onto cheeks and press onto lips for a fast makeup fix anytime.



One Stop Shopping Mascara! The little black dress for your lashes, This mascara does it all – Thickening, Lengthening, Separating,Conditioning, Curling, Buildable Keratin Rich Formula. This water resistant non-drying non-flaking formula for a natural or dramatic look. Superb brush applies mascara incredibly evenly. Specially formulated for even the most sensitive eyes!

Anna Crollman, Found of My Cancer Chic

“A blow dry brush is the perfect way to easily refresh & smooth dirty hair before a call. Spray a little dry shampoo, run the blow dry brush through for a few minutes and you’re ready to go”

I asked Anna which one of these brushes were her fave and she said, “The revlon one is better for longer hair but hotter. I like the John Frieda one for daily smoothing as it’s round and smaller…but the Revlon one is faster.”

Check out these must-have hair tools, and see which one you like for yourself!


Morocconoil Dry Shampoo

John Frieda Hot Air Brush


Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Hair Brush

Lauren Dimet Waters, Founder of Fountain of 30 
“Here are my tips for looking Zoom ready in a flash, because who really wants to spend a lot of time getting ready for a meeting in their own house? Every single day since I have been quarantined I have showered and put on my face to some extent. It helps me feel “normal.” But my routine is all of 20 minutes now. That includes my shower!

I focus on the waist up, so I start with a cute top even if I’m wearing leggings underneath. Since my hair desperately needs coloring, I’ve been wearing my Madison Braid all the time! They are only $35 and come in over 12 colors so you can easily find one that matches your hair. . It hides my roots really well. Then grab I grab my favorite earrings and a necklace.

For my makeup I love products that do double or even triple duty. I start with a BB Cream with SPF like Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream SPF 50, $40. It instantly conceals imperfections with lightweight, buildable coverage, corrects skin tone irregularities, provides all day hydration and has an SPF of 50 so I can leave the house if I should want some fresh air.

Then I use a bunch of Wander Beauty products because I love the functionality of the line! I grab their eyeshadow palette that has all colors I love and really use such as the Wandress Escape Palette, $42.

Next, I use their Frame Your Face Bold Brow Duo because my brows have to look on point at all times!  $35

Then I swipe on their Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara which curls my lashes because I don’t have time for my curler and it makes my lashes look full and long, $24.

Then I finish with their On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator which really is the one product I can’t live without. It has blush on one end which I also use as lipstick. Then the other end is an illuminator which wakes my entire face light up. I swipe it down my nose, just above my cheeks, around my eyes to brighten them and anywhere else that needs illumination, $42

And there you have it…my 5 minute face and I feel confident for any Zoom call.”

Jillian, Co-Founder of Beautiful Self 

“Be very careful with the highlighter and Zoom. The lights we use really bounce of it and it can look very very shiny.Instead, go for a matte highlighter like French Vanilla from Laura Geller. Also. Concealer.  For concealer, use a full coverage one in all the shadow spots such as under the eyes and around the nose —- anywhere you see shadows because the camera showcases anything dark. The Laura Gellar Real Deal Concealer is amazing.”

And so there you have it! You are now fully armed for your Zoom meetings and hang outs. Happy shopping!

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