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Melissa berry aka the cancer fashionista


My name is Melissa Berry and I’m a fashion and beauty publicist with a family history of breast cancer. I was always diligent about my health and took my risk factors very seriously. Six years ago I heard those unthinkable words during a regular mammogram appointment, “you have breast cancer.”  One of my first questions was (in true Fashionista form), “Do I need chemo and will I lose my hair?” I mean seriously. That’s where my mind went. I couldn’t help myself. The way I looked was always so important to me, especially in the fashion industry.  Attend a press luncheon with a scarf wrapped around my head? Not happening. Once I got past the initial shock of the diagnosis and treatment (bilateral mastectomy and several rounds of chemo), I decided to figure out how I could look–dare I say pretty–during one of the most de-feminizing chapters of a woman’s life. Behold Cancer Fashionista,™ a go-to resource for the Cancer Fashionista™ in you or someone you love. Oh, by the way, these products are NOT just for breast cancer patients. I don’t have breast cancer anymore, however, I’m definitely more mindful about the products that I use. I’ll continue to report on the fabulous brands that I find and the people who inspire me.



– Melissa aka Cancer Fashionista

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